Where to Outsource What

We all know about outsourcing. It is a contentious issue in some places, but that’s partly because it gets confused with offshoring.

In simple terms, outsourcing is when you take an internal task for your business and make someone from the outside do it. Usually, there are fees involved. In reality, it’s not that different from hiring a freelancer to handle various creative work when you can’t afford an in-house creative team.

However, depending on what you need outsourced, you might have to go to different places.

For example, if you want graphic design and you’re on a small budget, Fiverr is a good choice. The rates can vary, but there are some low-cost ones. Just remember that you get what you paid for, no matter what.

If web apps or development is what you need, your options are a little broader. You can usually find some of these people on Upwork or TopTal.

The people from Upwork are better for short-term projects because it’s more of a freelancer hub. TopTal is more geared towards folks looking for a long-term client. In other words, you want to know how long something will take before you go looking for a developer or programmer.

For physical production, you can go with either a local provider or Alibaba. Alibaba provides the option to go on a much larger scale, but a local provider is more cost-effective for small projects. Another bonus if you go local is that it is a lot easier to meet with them if necessary.

For bookkeeping and taxes, it depends on what software you prefer. If you use Quickbooks to handle the accounting, outsource to a Quickbooks specialist. Wave is a good directory for a specialist, but you aren’t looking for one, Upwork can manage the job too.

Finally, for writing and content tasks, you have many options. Upwork again provides many, as does Fiverr. There are other places as well, usually specializing in specific fields or dedicated to finding freelancers from specific regions or countries.