Outsourcing content??

For all you know this very blog post could have been outsourced…. although it is not it is very much possible.

People do lead busy lives and so with outsourcing it can certainly save a lot of time and effort. Say I was so busy that I had little time to blog but wanted to get a post out there anyway for my people, than I could simply outsource the work to someone else.

I would pick up a $10 online gig to pay someone, telling them how many words, what the theme was, etc. etc. and just like that I would have a blog post done and ready to publish without having to type the words. Heck this post about outsourcing your blogging content, could be the theme I have directed to someone on the online gig, however you are safe for it is me.

This is genuinely me…or is it

Outsourcing is not limited, so use it when you can and reap the benefit of its use.