Don’t Buy It Hire Your Water Slide Instead!

If you have a party or event coming up, don’t stress and outsource the party equipment supply instead. What we’re saying is hire it instead of buying it because you’ll seldomly use it. At most, you’ll likely to use it once a year for your kid’s birthday or the end of year work party. So why waste your money buying it. Especially when the piece of equipment in super expensive! Duh! It only makes sense..

Let’s have a look at a case study: Kelly’s end of year summer party. Being summer when the day is freaking hot, she decided to have an inflatable water slide to cool down the guests. What a magnificent and fabulous idea!

During the planning stage, Kelly was contemplating whether to buy the inflatable water slide or hire it. She didn’t want any old slide, she wanted the biggest and the baldest of them all. After doing some quick research, she found out that the cost of buying one of this big slide is over $5000 if you include the necessary accessories like a generator. She simply didn’t have that kind of money laying around. Whilst sitting around wondering how she would come up with that sum of money, a light bulb went off in her head and opted to hire it instead.

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but it only occurred to Kelly after a couple of days into the planning. After searching high and low for a big water slide to hire, she had finally found it! It happened when she was browsing the internet looking for nearby party hire suppliers. She ended up going with the supplier at www.perthbouncycastle.com.au that had the water slide she was after.

All up, Kelly ended up saving more than 75% of the cost if she were to buy it outright. Of course, she was ecstatic about the savings! So excited, she ended up recommending to her friends about hiring it from the same mob.

At the end of the day, whether you provide something yourself or outsource via equipment hire. It boils down to one thing, the total cost – both short term and long term. In Kelly’s case, the best option (for her) is to hire it.

So there you go, outsourcing is no just limited to man hours but it also extend to equipment hire services. We all can learn a lesson or two from Kelly and apply to our own situation.